Dazzling Retreat Resort with the roof

From the outside this house looks impressive. It has been built with brown stones and has sandstone decorations. Tall, rounded windows brighten up the house and have been added to the house in a fairly asymmetrical pattern.

The house is equipped with an old-fashioned kitchen and one average bathroom, it also has a snug living room, five bedrooms, a grand dining area, a multimedia room and a cozy garage.

The building is shaped like a circle. The house is half surrounded by a patio.
The second floor is smaller than the first, which allowed for a roof garden on one side of the house. This floor follows the same style as the floor below.

The roof is low and v-shaped and is covered with black ceramic tiles. One large chimney sits at the side of the house. Rows of small windows let in plenty of light to the rooms below the roof.
The house itself is surrounded by paved ground, with a small pond at one side and various potted plants all around the house.
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